— ARCH HAUS ASIA was established in 1996 by a group of young and talented designers with international work experience .

— Working around the Asia Pacific Region we posses comprehensive view of new cities,urban design and other property developments in the region .We pooled our resources and expertise to offer in a highly specialized field of property development industry

— Master Planning, Architectural Design Concepts and Presentation Services. In 2007, we were incorporated and expanded our services to  full Architectural and Engineering Design Services.

— Today, we are ARCH HAUS ASIA CONSULTANTS INC., a merger of highly competitive design-oriented teams, geared internationally to provide the highest level of quality and more comprehensive services in the field of Architecture. We provide services to suit the needs of each Client. Our professional network includes services of a development management consultant, finance packager, quantity surveyor, allied architectural professionals, such as a structural engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, sanitary and plumbing engineer and fire protection consultants. We are also associated with physical implementors such as project managers and construction managers.